St. Michael's Episcopal Church

                "Feeding Souls - One Meal at a Time"

     St. Michael's believes that an open and honest discussion concerning

religion and social issues of the day are an essential part to our spiritual and

intellectual growth. Both the Adult Forum and Children's Sunday School try

to incorporate that aspect throughout the year. Additionally St. Michael's

also offers Inquirers classes regarding the Episcopal faith through the

direction of the Rev. Claudia Seiter and two other programs based upon

the Bible and the Church Season.

                                 St. Michael’s offers several opportunities for studying the Bible throughout the program year (September - May). In addition to the Sunday Adult Education Classes, Bible study is offered every other Friday at 6:00 pm in the Annex. A light supper is served by participants followed by a discussion of one or more of the readings for the next Sunday. Wednesday mornings are also available for further study of a particular book of the Bible that covers several weeks. The sessions start at 10:00 am in the Annex.

Seasonal Studies -  During the seasons of the church year, such as  Advent and Lent, special study sessions on a specific topic for that time of year are presented. For example, this may include movies and/or books on a theme like forgiveness. These are a very popular avenue of study for members of the parish and community at large.

Education an Important Aspect of St. Michael's

Bible Study -