St. Michael's Episcopal Church

                "Feeding Souls - One Meal at a Time"

     Children are the lifeblood of the Church. St. Michael's has a very active children and young adults

education program. The program is based on the idea that a person must not only learn about the

Gospel and Jesus but also have the opportunity to practice and experience it. For example, when

studying about poverty and the poor around us, the children conducted a food drive in the

neighborhood and donated the goods to the local Food Pantry.

     The year is organized around a variety of themes that the children and young adults learn and

research about concluding with an activity, like the food drive, related to the topic. In addition to

learning about poverty and the homeless, the children study about the meaning of the word precious

and what is precious to them and how christians worship in different ways.

     The children also play an active role in special worship services. Christmas saw the children bring

their precious items to the baby Jesus during the service. Children ages 5-18 are welcome to attend

Sunday mornings at 10:30am in Hannifin Hall located in the basement of the church.

     Participants in Sunday School are also treated to fun activities outside of church. Visiting the

American West Museum, a sleep over in the church, and a planned skiing activity are just a few of

the activities that the children of St. Michael's enjoy.

Children and Young Adult  


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