St. Michael's Episcopal Church

                "Feeding Souls - One Meal at a Time"

Adult Forum: A Strong Tradition

premise that the Church needs to look more at its work through the eyes of the people and particularly the oppressed in

order to do God’s work on earth.

     Ivan Adams was the facilitator for exploring the works of John Polkinghorne, the British physicist and priest. The

discussions centered on Polkinghorne’s belief that earth was not created out of randomness and that God and science,

even in quantum physics, could co-exist. Lent was filled with the talks of saints and perhaps a few sinners from scripture.

Deacon Deanna Sue Adams conducted a parish survey  on what people from the Bible they would like to examine closer.

Mary Magdalene, Thomas, and Judas were just a few of the people discussed. Much of the conversation centered on

misperceptions and new interpretations of their lives from other scholars.

     Another  Adult Forum series concentrated on the Oxford Movement. The Oxford Movement is one of the most critical

periods of the Church’s history and retains an important influence on the Church today. Participants will view the

beginnings and reasons for the movement as well as looking at some of the most important individuals in the movement.

     Adult Forum remains an important element in the life of St. Michael’s. Participants seldom agree on everything and

various views on the topics are always welcomed. Attendance for Adult Forum is nearly 50% of those attending the

Sunday Eucharist. Please join us in these thought provoking discussions and keep the St. Michael’s tradition alive.

St. Michael’s continues it strong tradition of invigorating and challenging adult

religious education classes. Topics change during the year and have included  the

study of Liberation Theology, The theology of food in the Bible, and Stealing

Christianity. Participants often disagree and various views are always welcomed.

For example participants offered a variety of strong opinions regarding the study

of Liberation Theology. Dave Seiter led the parishioners in exploring Gutierrez's